Aha! I Should Probably Teach You Something


Being a stay at home mom for a little over a month has me stir crazy.  I walk around my house all day finding things that need to be cleaned, organized, or repaired and I tend to focus on that all day.  I take breaks in between to play with my three year old, run errands, and cook.  What I haven’t done was take time out of each day to actually teach my daughter something.  Don’t get me wrong, my girl is extremely intelligent and she can carry on a full conversation like she is much older than three, but with all this time I have I can definitely sit down and have learning time.

I have had her and my six year old signed up for ABCMouse.com for almost a year now, but to be honest my three year old just likes to play with the hamsters or the fish.  She is not even slightly interested in the Learning Path.  I don’t doubt that she will be ready for kindergarten, but I feel I should be doing more in this area.  So today I dug through some of my first grader’s old things and found


Yay!!!! I know its backwards, but I took the picture with my computer’s cam.  I used to do stuff like this all the time with my first grader.  She was so prepared for kindergarten that they would not even let her into the public school 4K program, they said she was too smart.  See I can be a good parent.

So starting this morning we have been reviewing colors and letters.  It’s still hard to keep her attention for too long, so I figured I would spend about fifteen minutes sitting with her every day and then reinforce what she learned throughout the day.  She already knows orange, green, brown, and white, which seems like the most boring colors to me but she is drawn to them for some reason.  So today we focused on red and now I just keep pointing out red things and asking her to tell me the color.  I hope this works!

Anyone have good ideas on teaching a newly three year old?


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