You’re Not So Smart After All…Daily Prompt: Are You Being Served?

It was a normal day for a eight month pregnant woman.  I was sitting around watching some television and Googling random things when I decided that I should give my old Macbook to my younger cousin.  There was one problem, the keyboard was not functioning properly.  I decided to take it to Best Buy to have the Geek Squad solve all my problems.  In my eighth month of pregnancy, getting out of the house for any reason was an adventure.  When I arrived at Best Buy I took the laptop straight to the Geek Squad desk and explained to the rep what was going on.  He said, “No problem, we will have this fixed in an hour tops.  There are just a couple of people ahead of you.”  I was fine with that.  I walked around the store looking at CDs, DVDs, computers, tablets, flat screens, everything.  I covered that store in an hour and was ready to go.  My feet was swelling and I was hungry.  I go back over to the Geek Squad desk to get an update, and the same rep told me, “Someone is working on it now, it should be just a few minutes.”  Ok, I could handle that.  I stood around that desk for another hour as various reps continued to assure me that it would only be a “few minutes”.  As an oversized human, I was exhausted having to stand for another hour. I decided to leave and grab a quick bite to eat while they worked.  I was back in less than twenty minutes.  I go back to the desk, fully expecting someone to present me with my fixed laptop.  That was a negative.  I see Geek Squad members in the back with my laptop, but they are having a hard time removing the keyboard (it was an older Mac), and I realize that those “few minutes” people keep spouting off to me are just words to try to keep me patient while they possibly break the laptop even more.  After I had been waiting on my feet over three hours, and had everyone behind that desk reassure me that the Geek Squad could fix it, a lone rep finally had the guts to tell me that no one knew what they were doing.  I had to keep my cool, because an angry pregnant lady in public is just too embarrassing for me to bear.  So I kindly asked for my money back, yes they had already taken my $150, and my laptop so I could return home.  What made this situation the worse customer service I ever experienced is the fact that I was waiting over three hours when the Geek Squad knew that they had no idea what they were doing, but did not care to tell me that.

When I arrived back at my place, I simply took my current laptop and put my issue into YouTube.  There was a five minute tutorial that showed me how to fix my problem, and I did just that.  I will never waste my time going to the Geek Squad again.  But the lesson I learned is that YouTube can teach me anything  I need to know.


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