Oh The Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Coffee To Brew


Being that I have become an overnight domestic goddess, I have found that I do the most work before noon.  I try to jam as much cleaning as possible into about a four hour time frame. But there is one thing that I must have before I get into the swing of things, my coffee.  Beforw while I waited for the coffee to brew I kind of just wandered around my kitchen and living area aimlessly waiting for my caffeine boost. This last week I realized that I’m wasting valuable time and I challenged myself to find something to do during this time.

1.  Deep clean the kitchen sink.  I make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of Borax, a cup of white vinegar, and about 3 squirts of lavender castille soap (I love the smell of this stuff).  Mix together and pour into the sinks.  I take a sponge and clean until its shines.  Don’t forget to get around the sink edges and the faucet area.  Your sink will look good and smell good after this.

2.  Clean out the microwave.  I have a gazillion kids (including my fiance), and they make a mess whenever they use the microwave.  I don’t know how this is possible, but I assure you I am not exaggerating.  What I do is remove the glass plate and wash in warm soapy water and then just use the washcloth to clean inside and out. Don’t forget the microwave ceiling,  that is typically the hardest part.  If you have some stuck on food that gives you a hard time, try filling a small dish with white vinegar and microwaving on high for three minutes before cleaning.  This will loosen those food particles and make clean up easier.

3. Clean the canister area.  Once again, kids.  The area on the counter where I keep the canisters are a hard area to keep clean all day. The sugar is the one that gives me the most  problems. Our canisters have spoons that hang on the outside of the jar, and whenever the kids or my fiance put the spoon back in place leftover sugar falls to the counter. So over the course of a week I see a sugar moat forming around the canisters. So while my coffee brews I just pick up each jar and wipe down the lids, the sides, and underneath. I of course wipe down the counter.  And if the spoons have any build up I clean those and let them dry before returning them.

4.  Clean out the trash can.  Now this one can get a little nasty.  The easiest way for me to do this is take the trash can outside and use a garden hose.  Also bring out a dish cloth already sudsy.  I put dish detergent and either borax or baking soda inside the can and fill it up with water.  I let it settle for a minute or so, then dump it out.  If there are any stains or food left I use the dish cloth and clean.  I then rinse out with the garden hose again. I leave the trash can upside down on our walkway to dry. Then I go back inside to thouroughly wash up to my elbows before fixing my coffee.

5.  Spot clean the fridge. This one is relatively easy if you already do a deep clean to your fridge once a month.  Go through your fridge and throw out any leftovers that are not going to be eaten.  Throw out any expired food. And if you notice any spills or loose food clean it up.  I use a simple mixture of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle for the spills.  You can also use thr mixture to give the outside of the fridge a quick wipe down.

6.  Change the light bulbs. I have the tendency to allow dead light bulbs to stay in place if they are part of a group, but I shouldn’t.  This is a fairly easy task, but did I mention I have a lazy side.  So this is the perfect thing for me to do while I’m waiting.  I grab a package of light bulbs and go around my house and replace any that need it.  Not much explaining that needs to be done.

7.  Tidy up the laundry room.  My laundry room is right next to my kitchen so it’s just logical that I clean it while waiting.  We do a lot of laundry in my house, so this room gets used several times a day.  My washer and dryer are white so when the lint trap is pulled out to be cleaned,  residue falls on the top and it’s very noticeable.  I use a microfiber cloth to dust.  If I notice any laundry detergent drippings I wipe it up with a warm, damp washcloth.  There is a shelf over the appliances so I straighten that up. Then sweep and I’m good to go.

These are all things that I aim to clean once a week, and they are quick tasks.  Once I’m done I make my coffee and spend about 30 minutes watching the news.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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