Doing Nothing of Particular Importance

Today is the day I’m going to take a break.  I’m not cleaning, cooking, or running any errands. I

dedicate today to doing nothing of particular importance. I tend to have a obsessive personality that drives me crazy. Ever since I quit my job, I have been cleaning, organizing, and cooking like a mad woman. I’m not even a great cook, I wouldn’t even say I’m a good cook, it’s edible.  My fiance and stepdaughter are the house chefs. But I decided I was going to be a domestic queen and I’ll be darned if I don’t fit the part. But now I’m starting to get upset with myself for not taking any time for myself. I’m also getting more irritated when the kids and the man come home and mess up my home I spent all day cleaning.

So today is my day to do absolutely nada. I’ve got it all planned out. My three year old and I will take a walk.  Then we will go to the library and browse, play in the kids area, and maybe even participate in story time. Then my three year old will take a nap and I will read a good romantic comedy novel.  Once my fiance comes home I’m headed out to dinner with a friend.

A day off is just what I need to calm my nerves, considering I’m still harboring bad feeling towards the kids for that nasty bathroom I had to clean yesterday.  So a message to all women everywhere…Take a day off. The work will still be there tomorrow because no one else is going to do it anyway.


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